Wake on LAN over internet when your router does not support port forwarding

If your NAT router does not support port forwarding or adding static ARP entries you are out of luck (like me). Or maybe not. There is one more option to achieve Wake on LAN over internet.

You can use your old android device which is always online and connected to your home network. The idea is that when you need to wake your home PC you connect to your android device over internet and remotely start WOL application installed on it. This WOL application will be able to send WOL request on your LAN broadcast address and wake your home PC.
For this you will need android device with minimum Android 4.x installed. The only application I have found so far, that provides using Android applications remotely is Teamviewer host and it requires Android > 4.x.


So here are the steps how to achieve this:

  1.  First you need to install Teamwiewer host on your home android device
  2.  On your home android you also need to install some WOL application (I use WolOn) and set your home PC MAC adddress and your LAN broadcast address (ie.
  3.  Install Teamviewer on your phone or on some computer which you can use to connect to home android and start WOL application when you need it


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