Pros and cons of using SQL express 2008 in comercial application distruibuted over net

My application is developed in C# using .NET 4.0 an ENTITY FRAMEWORK and includes reportviewer 2010 as reporting tool. My goal is to create setup package for my application for distributions over the net. In need for good, reliable, scalable and free for distribution database my first choice was SQL EXPRESS 2008 R2.


  1. it is free
  2. it is reliable
  3. has great set of features
  4. has large support community


  1. Size of SQL EXPRESS 2008 is 110MB which means bigger setup file which could be the problem for distributing over the internet.
  2. Requires .NET FRAMEWORK 2.0 SP2 to install which means you need to include it also in the installation package if you want to be able to install it on XP.  NET 2.0 is not enough. You need to have .NET 2.0 SP2.
  3. The installation of SQL EXPRESS is very long and can be a hassle for a user.

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